About Me

I grew up in Raymond, Wisconsin. I was the youngest of three older sisters. I was a mistake... thank God for mistakes ;) All 6 of us have a 1st name that starts with D.

I have always hated working for other people. Knowing while I'm busting my but for this guy... I'm making HIM rich? Oh no no no.... I don't think so!

I studied Small Business in college.

My first business was a residential window washing business, in 1994.

I've tried many different businesses, but my biggest success was Temporary Airbrush Tattoos. Between 2003 to 2008 I made as much as 6-Figures a year with T.A.T.s. I owned many stands in different water parks throughout Wisconsin. I was the one who brought T.A.T.s to Noah's Ark Water park in the Wisconsin Dells. 

We also did events and birthday parties. 

Some of my clients included The Green Bay Packers and Oprah Winfrey's main producer, Ellen.

Then in 2008 that all came to an end, when the economy came crashing down.

I had to move out of a 4 bedroom home on a 10 acre farm in the country... to a small 2 bedroom upper in the city.

I needed to take a pizza delivery job to pay the bills now, because my income dropped by 80+%.

This is also the time (bad timing) we started growing our family. Madison came in 2003, Wyatt in 2006 and Weston in 2010. So while my income shrunk DRASTICLY... my bills were INCREASING!

Twenty two years ago I discovered the network marketing / home business model, and it has changed my life in many ways.

It may have taken me over 20 years... but I've uncovered the real secrets to making money from home on the internet, and enjoy sharing the same simple strategies I use with my friends. I won't let what happened to me, happen to my friends.

If you don't build YOUR dreams... Someone will hire you to build THEIRS. Remember that always.

Make it a great day,


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