Sunday, July 31, 2016


Our school system does not teach or help budding entrepreneurs at all. It's always... get good grades... get a good JOB!

However, not everyone fits into that model.

I'm not saying it's wrong or bad to have a job. Not at all...Jobs are needed for sure. But some of us do NOT want them because we want to...

We want to CREATE and give our own VALUE to the world!
I'm proud of those that take that leap into Enrtepreneurship!
I'm proud of myself and others for sticking through the challenges!

I have been an entrepreneur all my life... and because of being in and around the industry with some of the TOP earners for so many years... I sometimes hear about things before everyone else does...
and the best part is...

I am privy of something right now (that launches in 7 days from today) that is the SOLUTION to the problem mentioned in this video.

It's going to be the first ever... COLLEGE FOR ENTREPRENEURS!

Ever wonder how some people make money on the internet?
They get great education... and take action on it.

...but just remember it does not open for one more week, and you'll need to contact me personally first before registering for classes if you want in on this project and want to work together with me.