Monday, July 12, 2010

The New "Consulting" Approach For MLM Prospecting

The New "Consulting" Approach For MLM Prospecting:

Using the Consulting approach when prospecting
is so much more effective, not to mention.. FUN!

No more reading scripts, no more “interviewing”
people, no more “qualifying” people, no more
“dis-qualifying” people (how uncomfortable!), no more
feeling nervous, no more trying to 'overcome objections”,
no more trying to “close” people
(doing it this way, they close themselves).

In the past, one of the hardest parts of my business was
picking up the phone. Another hard part was to make that
“paradigm shift” from prospecting for the sole purpose of
“getting them in" my biz opp and "making ME money”…TO…
having a TRUE business and helping someone fulfill
THEIR wants and needs…NOT MY OWN need to make money!!

It’s called “losing the agenda”, of "getting them" in your business
and making money off them. You MUST lose your EGO!

When you use this way to prospect…

You are NOT trying to “sell” something to somebody…you
MUST get past that way of thinking when making your calls
to your prospects (they can sense it / they feel your vibes /
they hear the desperation in your voice).

If you want to make money…you MUST “genuinely have enthusiasm”
for THEM to get what it is you have. And you are genuinely enthusiastic
FOR THEM because you KNOW that what you got...IS THAT GOOD!!

You know in your heart that what you got WILL help them , and you
are HAPPY for them, to finally learn what you learned. That way…
when you do HELP THEM get what it is they came to you for, you
will make money.


The “cause” is to HELP THEM solve
a solution to their problem…
The “effect” is getting paid money.

It's like the old "Drill" Vs. "Hole" analogy...

**This is REAL world marketing here so pay attention!**

A person that buys a drill doesn't really
want or need a DRILL... What they REALLY want or need is the HOLE!!


So, when the customer walks into the store to look at drills...
instead of the store owner running up to the customer and vomiting all
over them how: "We got all the latest greatest drills sir! Look at this one
it does this this and this! Oh and here this one is awesome too! You should
buy this one cuz..." you get my drift? it's your typical "salesman"...
But the store owner would sell MORE drills if he would write up
a simple one page report on: "How To Drill The Perfect Hole", for example,
and give it to the customer for free. And at the very bottom of the free report
it would state somewhere..."oh by the way, we sell drills".

So then, if you're trying to build an income from home utilising the network marketing business model, you are doing 2 things: #1 Building your own customer base for the products to build up recurring monthly residual income and #2 Building a distributor base to leverage #1 and make the KILLER type of residual income...

So remember (for #2) it’s NOT...; “Hey man I got the latest greatest
business opportunity you gotta see this! Please sign up!"(so YOU can make money)
(NOTE: this would be the drill by the way)...

It’s this……

"How can I help you?"


“What is the ONE thing I can do for you right now,
TODAY, to help you get closer to your goals?”


“What can I do for you?"
(NOTE: This would then be the hole)

It's so much more fun!!

Here's a link to a recorded call one of my mentors did, in case you missed it:

Same thing when leading with #1(building your product customer base)...

For example: If your mlm product is a weight loss don't try to sell the actual product(the drill)... you GIVE AWAY a solution to help them solve their weight loss problem(the hole) by giving them some kind of free report or free sample or free "good food guide"...something of VALUE your "target" market(people MOST interested in what you offer)would appreciate, that would help them get closer to their goals.

It's so much more fun this way!!

Just remember...

1)People HATE being sold...
(salesmen coming towards them)


2)People LOVE to buy things...
(them purchasing on their own)

Hope this helps.