Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How To Use A "Marketing Pipeline" To Make BIG Money

Everyday I hear the same story...

"I was in Program "X" but didn't do well
with it because I didn't know how to get
enough prospects/visitors to view my offer".

Lets face a reality check here...

You and I both know that even if you have
the greatest program on the planet, if no
one knows about it, you're DONE!

You have to have a never ending supply of fresh
prospects flowing through your "Marketing Pipeline"
at ALL times.

What's a "Marketing Pipeline"?

I'm glad you asked. Here's an analogy...

Picture an empty water hose.

In order for water to start flowing through that hose
you have to connect it to a source right?

A faucet somewhere.

Once it's connected, you turn the water on.

Does water start to flow out the other end


It takes time to BUILD UP as it travels
through the turns and coils of the hose.

Then it starts to flow.



Until the source runs dry right?

Or you turn off the source manually as you
would in turning off the faucet.

Anytime you needed water, you turn on the hose.

("Wait a minute! I'm a smart person. What does
turning on a hose have to do with putting CASH
into my pocket"?)



Take the analogy I painted for you above and
apply it to your marketing campaign.

(You're going to love this!)

What's your main prospecting source?

Is it a classified ad in a newspaper?

Is it an e-mail campaign?

Is it pay-per-clicks?

Is it blogging?

Is it Facebook?

Is it Craigslist

Is it Postcards?

Doesn't matter what it is.

Take your "Marketing Pipeline"(the hose)and
attach to your "Source" (the faucet).

(You can even have multiple sources
with multiple hoses attached to them!)

Once it's connected, turn it on.

You remember what I said earlier?

That it takes time for the water to
BUILD UP right, before it comes out
the other end?

Same principle applies in
your "Marketing Pipeline".

It takes time for your prospects to "BUILD UP".

To get to know you, like you and trust you.

Prospects are NOT going to coming running
to your door the same second they respond.


It takes time.

Time to BUILD UP.

The whole time they're in your "Marketing
Pipeline", you're sharing with them ideas,
strategies, techniques, etc....on how to
Be, Do & Have More.

You're helping them get what they want by
sharing your knowledge and experiences.

You're not pitching them on your "deal".

You're setting yourself up to be the leader
they're looking for.

The whole time they're in your "Marketing
Pipeline", it's YOU they see.

They begin to know you, like you and trust you.

And if your "Marketing Pipeline" has been built
properly, you'll have prospects flowing out the
other end, ready and eager to join you in your

Creating a non-stop flood of CASH for you and
your family!

Like the water out of a hose.

Only better.

My suggestion to you is that you take the
time and effort it takes to properly build
a "Marketing Pipeline".

I can assure you that...

the REWARDS are worth it! :)