Saturday, July 14, 2012

Are You Recruiting With Your Head OR Your Heart?

I like and agree with what Vitaly Grinblat from Magnetic Sponsoring has to say about FREEDOM in the Network Marketing industry...

"You know there are two types of people in our business when it comes to recruiting.
Or I should say two different approaches.

One is to recruit others with your head… using logic, facts, and all the reasons your product makes sense.

Most people fall into that category. They get excited about the products and it becomes their mission to spread the message.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with that… in fact you do need to be excited about the product or service… kind of hard to sell something you’re not passionate about.
And that’s what MOST people recruit to.

But then there’s another type of person or approach.

These people also believe in their products and services, BUT… they don’t look at them as the product they sell. These are the company’s products.

THEIR #1 Product is the business opportunity.

Sure they feel good about what they do and how their products help others… whether it’s health, wealth, educational… there’s good in ALL of it.

But ultimately their passion comes from helping people get FREE.

I believe that the top people in our business are just made differently.

There’s something within them that’s just burning.

They don’t believe in J-O-B security.

They don’t believe in having paycheck mentality.

They are results oriented.

The entire idea of working for someone else makes them sick to their stomach.

They want to make money, build wealth, become rich… AND they aren’t afraid to say it.

And their ultimate motivation is to be FREE!

Most people just don’t get that.

You ever talk to someone and they just don’t understand… don’t share the vision or the passion you have?

Of course you have… and you feel like smacking them upside the head like – “What the hell is wrong with you?”

When I was 14 years old, I got a job as bus boy at a local Italian Restaurant.

I couldn’t wait to start earning money, although it was only $2.50 an hour plus measly tips from the waitresses, but I was excited.

Of course this excitement wore off very, very quickly, as I realized that having a boss tell you what to do all the time… watch your breaks… and basically make your life there miserable wasn’t something I enjoyed.

After a couple of jobs like that… by the time I was 16 I said to myself… I don’t want to work for ANYONE… but have to for the time being.

Over the next few years I’ve had multiple jobs in a bakery, in jewelry (actually learned how to make and repair jewelry), one corporate nightmare that lasted for 10 months, and a retail sales job.

Well… I hated all of them. Actually there was one job where I worked for a nice family in their jewelry store, great people, treated me well, but hardly paid anything.

So it didn’t take me very long to realize that there’s NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD JOB.

I didn’t have to spend 20 years in the corporate world to see the backstabbing politics you need to play to climb the “corporate ladder”.

The entire idea of showing up somewhere for 8 or more hours a day… and doing something you tolerate to get paid less than you need to have the things you really want…

… I mean that’s just RIDICULOUS.

But that’s the “norm”, isn’t it?

Showing up to work at 7am, fighting traffic, living your life for the weekends, can’t wait to go on vacation… and do it for 40 years… yeah that’s a real dream for most people.

As one of my old uplines used to say… “I’d crawl over broken glass on my hands and knees… to become financially free.”

Which is why when I joined that business… there was NO OTHER OPTION but to make it work.

I wanted to quit a million times. Everyone goes through that.

But I wanted to be FREE a heck of a lot more than seek the comfort and security of a “cushy” job and trade my freedom for some temporary relief.

People like me don’t see JOBS like everyone else.

And I don’t care how much they pay.

I know lots of people who make a very good six-figure income… jobs they’ll never walk away from because they can’t afford it… yet they are SLAVES to that lifestyle.
When the job calls, they need to go… jump on a plane and be away from their family for a week or more.

I remember I was coming back from a company trip in Hawaii (for the 3rd time), and we were flying back Sunday night and had a connecting flight in Dallas at 6am.

I coulnd’t believe the line at the Starbucks in the airport that early in the morning.

I almost missed my flight… it was like 40 minutes and every single person there was in a suit with a laptop.

I looked at my wife and said…

“See, this is why we pay the price… this is why we’re different… and why almost no one understands us… because all these people here, making a good living by most people’s standards… with a numb, lifeless, robot like expression on their face… all these people are corporate slaves.”


I don’t think so.

Now let me ask you?

Is this your attitude?

Do you believe there’s no such thing as JOB SECURITY?

Do you believe ACTIONS speak louder than words?

Are you results driven… and do you believe that results are MORE important than degrees, positions, and all that B.S.?

Even if you temporarily have a job… are you impatiently waiting for the day you can “Fire Your Boss”?

Does the thought of being in a rat race for 40+ years make you physically sick?

Do you have a deep burning desire to make money… LOTS OF MONEY?

Only true entrepreneurs do… and it’s that deep burning desire that drives them to do what they do IN SPITE of anything that gets thrown their way.

And that’s what they recruit to.

Freedom and Independence.

That’s the ultimate benefit of your business.

To be FREE."

Yes! Yes! Yes!

To Be FREE!!

Make it a great day!