Thursday, March 19, 2009

Impatience In Marketing = Short-Cut To Empty Money Clip

The only reason, cancel that , one of the

reasons folks fail to earn income

on the internet is because they are either

impatient or greedy or both.

Look, the proven formula is to lead

and enter your target market with a little

$10 or $25 product.

More than that and you are asking people

to trust you who havn't had enough time--

Yet------to become emotionally connected

to you and your product------ yet.

"Dean, is this why all music CD sales are

made by buyers who first listened to the

music or song 100 times first on the radio

for free?" Yep.

The only reason people on-line lead with a

$500 or higher priced product, is because

they are selling something which has no

intristic VALUE, they know it, and they

want to get all of your money before

you can figure out that what they

are selling is just a money game.

No true words were ever spoke. So think

really, really hard before you build your

new empire and enter the market without

free and/or low-cost $10-$25-$50 bucks.

******** LISTEN UP! ********

You won't be out Wal-Marting

Wal-Mart anytime soon.

So save yourself time and money

and stick to the formula.

Working In Synergy = Mo Money Mo Money Mo Money

The average "working Joe", because he is oblivious

to the truth, believes that if he did mosey over to

the land of entrepreneuership, he would be all alone.

And partially because of this false conclution,

he never sticks his toe in.

What the masses do not know is that there

are entire communities on the internet who

are all working together as one big fat resource

of, and to each other, who all share one common

"day job bail-out" ideal, who can help you.

Think of it this way, "You are in business for

yourself, but not by yourself."

So don't be shy,

and there are clusters and clusters of good

communities and on-line "schools"

where common everyday folks are achieving

totally un-common financial goals.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Advanced High-Art MLM Prospecting Without Cold Calling Leads

You know how an active networker normally

would have to create, call, and then call the prospect

a second time to follow-up on 100 of his/her own

personally generated leads...

...and then, in the end, signing-up about

3-12 new reps into their program?

You with me?


Lets continue.

What if there were a way to get

the same results as in the above

example (3-12 new reps),

but those same 3-12 "buying" PROSPECTS


...all excited and wanting to sign

themselves up with YOU

instead of you:

1. spending money on advertising

2. personally calling all 100 of your leads to introduce yourself

3. personally sending all 100 an e-mail

4. personally calling a second time to follow-up

AND...this happened ON A WEEKLY BASIS,

week in week out?

What if...? Would that be nice?

You Know It Would Be!!

You know how much TIME and money

and embarassment that saves you?

Well, that's exactlly how it is for the

TOP producers in this industry,

that are "set-up" correctly.


loathed it!!!

So I decieded to find different ways around it.



Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm A Hustler


That's right!

I'm a hustler, and damn proud of it.

But not the shrewd unethical type hustler...

No! No! No!

I'm just the opposite.

You see, I'm a "Good News" hustler.

There's a lot of good people getting

hurt in our industry...

And I am sick n' tired of seeing good,

honest, hardworking folks

going into more debt...trying to

build up a successful home business!

...that's Bad News!

But, there is Good News!

People need to...

hear the whole truth!

No more 1/2 truths will be tolerated nowadays!

People need to hear that the struggling life

they are currently living right now...

...does NOT have to be the life

that they live with forever.

I know most people feel stuck out there,

and that time is just flying right by.

But there's "Good News"...

And I am a hustler...
(an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person,
a dynamo, an eager beaver, a real go-getter,
a live wire, an enterprising person
determined to succeed)...

I AM a "Good News" HUSTLER!

What am I hustling?

I'm hustling TRUTH!

No more bullshit...

No more 1/2 lies!

It's NOT your fault, that you're not as

successful(yet), as you see yourself becoming.

I've got good news for you.

The good news is that you will now know

a secret trait of successful people...

...they use failure as a stepping stone to success.

Helloooo....Did you hear that!?

They make a mistake, learn a lesson,

take a step back, rearrange a few things,

try it a new way, screw up, learn from the

mistake, try again,...

...never give up.

People that are "in the know",

know about a certain law of nature called;

The Law of Abundance.

This law is real, and it basicly means that

there's enough of everything,

to go around for everyone.

And once you're aware of this law,

and knowing that you'll get the prize(financial freedom)

on the other side if you never give up and stop, after all

the times that you DO fail...

is a MAJOR "Key" to Success.

I am proud of being a Good News Hustler!

The "Good News" is CAPITALISM!

The "Good News" is WE add revenue to this country!

The "Good News" is TRUTH!

The "Good News" is WE create jobs in this country!

The "Good News" is CHOICE of THOUGHTS!

WE create PROSPERITY in this country!

WE create the most MILLIONAIRES in this country!

WE spread the WORD...

...and the word is GOOD!

My name is Dean Prochnow.

And I Am A Good News Hustler!

Call me if you need anything

(Cell) 262.484.6785