Friday, August 19, 2011

One Of Those Pyramid Things...Wal-Mart

I noticed that WAL-MART is apparently into MLM
(multi-level marketing) too like Mary-Kay and
AMWAY. All Wal-Mart did, was get the whole town
to buy what they buy elsewhere, except through
wal-mart. So how does that relate to Wal-mart
as an MLM?

Easy. They take the profits, share with their
corporate diamonds and also with their downline
(employees), and pay the BUYERS with "roll back"
prices. In essence, everyone earns or collects
money for agreeing to all buy from a single
(wal-mart) source.

My friend Joe understood that MLM money formula,
and built a $500,000 per month RETAIL MLM business.
WHY the working man agrues, "it's a scam" FN boggles
my mind, considering (A) that guy is statistically
six months away from a pink slip and (B) it's an
obvious second income.

I also noticed that goverment is for the goverment, by the
government, of the government and also, as an MLM,
everyone on "top" (congress) got rich. Nan Polossi in
Washington made $40,000,000 last year. STAR-BUCKS
also is MLM< as is McDonalds. WHY does STAPLES send
people $20 and $40 monthly checks>? easy. Their MLM also
pays the BUYERS who all agree top buy from them.

In MLM, all you do is get 100 people to all buy from the
same source, you divvy up profits through management,
let some trickle down to the sales or employee force, and
reward the buyers also with roll backs, incentives and cash savings.

Want to earn an extra $2,500 per month? Find a good MLM.
Everyone wealthy who sells a product does MLM in one
way or another. To ignore this money formula, is ignorance.