Saturday, July 14, 2012

Are You Recruiting With Your Head OR Your Heart?

I like and agree with what Vitaly Grinblat from Magnetic Sponsoring has to say about FREEDOM in the Network Marketing industry...

"You know there are two types of people in our business when it comes to recruiting.
Or I should say two different approaches.

One is to recruit others with your head… using logic, facts, and all the reasons your product makes sense.

Most people fall into that category. They get excited about the products and it becomes their mission to spread the message.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with that… in fact you do need to be excited about the product or service… kind of hard to sell something you’re not passionate about.
And that’s what MOST people recruit to.

But then there’s another type of person or approach.

These people also believe in their products and services, BUT… they don’t look at them as the product they sell. These are the company’s products.

THEIR #1 Product is the business opportunity.

Sure they feel good about what they do and how their products help others… whether it’s health, wealth, educational… there’s good in ALL of it.

But ultimately their passion comes from helping people get FREE.

I believe that the top people in our business are just made differently.

There’s something within them that’s just burning.

They don’t believe in J-O-B security.

They don’t believe in having paycheck mentality.

They are results oriented.

The entire idea of working for someone else makes them sick to their stomach.

They want to make money, build wealth, become rich… AND they aren’t afraid to say it.

And their ultimate motivation is to be FREE!

Most people just don’t get that.

You ever talk to someone and they just don’t understand… don’t share the vision or the passion you have?

Of course you have… and you feel like smacking them upside the head like – “What the hell is wrong with you?”

When I was 14 years old, I got a job as bus boy at a local Italian Restaurant.

I couldn’t wait to start earning money, although it was only $2.50 an hour plus measly tips from the waitresses, but I was excited.

Of course this excitement wore off very, very quickly, as I realized that having a boss tell you what to do all the time… watch your breaks… and basically make your life there miserable wasn’t something I enjoyed.

After a couple of jobs like that… by the time I was 16 I said to myself… I don’t want to work for ANYONE… but have to for the time being.

Over the next few years I’ve had multiple jobs in a bakery, in jewelry (actually learned how to make and repair jewelry), one corporate nightmare that lasted for 10 months, and a retail sales job.

Well… I hated all of them. Actually there was one job where I worked for a nice family in their jewelry store, great people, treated me well, but hardly paid anything.

So it didn’t take me very long to realize that there’s NO SUCH THING AS A GOOD JOB.

I didn’t have to spend 20 years in the corporate world to see the backstabbing politics you need to play to climb the “corporate ladder”.

The entire idea of showing up somewhere for 8 or more hours a day… and doing something you tolerate to get paid less than you need to have the things you really want…

… I mean that’s just RIDICULOUS.

But that’s the “norm”, isn’t it?

Showing up to work at 7am, fighting traffic, living your life for the weekends, can’t wait to go on vacation… and do it for 40 years… yeah that’s a real dream for most people.

As one of my old uplines used to say… “I’d crawl over broken glass on my hands and knees… to become financially free.”

Which is why when I joined that business… there was NO OTHER OPTION but to make it work.

I wanted to quit a million times. Everyone goes through that.

But I wanted to be FREE a heck of a lot more than seek the comfort and security of a “cushy” job and trade my freedom for some temporary relief.

People like me don’t see JOBS like everyone else.

And I don’t care how much they pay.

I know lots of people who make a very good six-figure income… jobs they’ll never walk away from because they can’t afford it… yet they are SLAVES to that lifestyle.
When the job calls, they need to go… jump on a plane and be away from their family for a week or more.

I remember I was coming back from a company trip in Hawaii (for the 3rd time), and we were flying back Sunday night and had a connecting flight in Dallas at 6am.

I coulnd’t believe the line at the Starbucks in the airport that early in the morning.

I almost missed my flight… it was like 40 minutes and every single person there was in a suit with a laptop.

I looked at my wife and said…

“See, this is why we pay the price… this is why we’re different… and why almost no one understands us… because all these people here, making a good living by most people’s standards… with a numb, lifeless, robot like expression on their face… all these people are corporate slaves.”


I don’t think so.

Now let me ask you?

Is this your attitude?

Do you believe there’s no such thing as JOB SECURITY?

Do you believe ACTIONS speak louder than words?

Are you results driven… and do you believe that results are MORE important than degrees, positions, and all that B.S.?

Even if you temporarily have a job… are you impatiently waiting for the day you can “Fire Your Boss”?

Does the thought of being in a rat race for 40+ years make you physically sick?

Do you have a deep burning desire to make money… LOTS OF MONEY?

Only true entrepreneurs do… and it’s that deep burning desire that drives them to do what they do IN SPITE of anything that gets thrown their way.

And that’s what they recruit to.

Freedom and Independence.

That’s the ultimate benefit of your business.

To be FREE."

Yes! Yes! Yes!

To Be FREE!!

Make it a great day!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How To Use A "Marketing Pipeline" To Make BIG Money

Everyday I hear the same story...

"I was in Program "X" but didn't do well
with it because I didn't know how to get
enough prospects/visitors to view my offer".

Lets face a reality check here...

You and I both know that even if you have
the greatest program on the planet, if no
one knows about it, you're DONE!

You have to have a never ending supply of fresh
prospects flowing through your "Marketing Pipeline"
at ALL times.

What's a "Marketing Pipeline"?

I'm glad you asked. Here's an analogy...

Picture an empty water hose.

In order for water to start flowing through that hose
you have to connect it to a source right?

A faucet somewhere.

Once it's connected, you turn the water on.

Does water start to flow out the other end


It takes time to BUILD UP as it travels
through the turns and coils of the hose.

Then it starts to flow.



Until the source runs dry right?

Or you turn off the source manually as you
would in turning off the faucet.

Anytime you needed water, you turn on the hose.

("Wait a minute! I'm a smart person. What does
turning on a hose have to do with putting CASH
into my pocket"?)



Take the analogy I painted for you above and
apply it to your marketing campaign.

(You're going to love this!)

What's your main prospecting source?

Is it a classified ad in a newspaper?

Is it an e-mail campaign?

Is it pay-per-clicks?

Is it blogging?

Is it Facebook?

Is it Craigslist

Is it Postcards?

Doesn't matter what it is.

Take your "Marketing Pipeline"(the hose)and
attach to your "Source" (the faucet).

(You can even have multiple sources
with multiple hoses attached to them!)

Once it's connected, turn it on.

You remember what I said earlier?

That it takes time for the water to
BUILD UP right, before it comes out
the other end?

Same principle applies in
your "Marketing Pipeline".

It takes time for your prospects to "BUILD UP".

To get to know you, like you and trust you.

Prospects are NOT going to coming running
to your door the same second they respond.


It takes time.

Time to BUILD UP.

The whole time they're in your "Marketing
Pipeline", you're sharing with them ideas,
strategies, techniques, etc....on how to
Be, Do & Have More.

You're helping them get what they want by
sharing your knowledge and experiences.

You're not pitching them on your "deal".

You're setting yourself up to be the leader
they're looking for.

The whole time they're in your "Marketing
Pipeline", it's YOU they see.

They begin to know you, like you and trust you.

And if your "Marketing Pipeline" has been built
properly, you'll have prospects flowing out the
other end, ready and eager to join you in your

Creating a non-stop flood of CASH for you and
your family!

Like the water out of a hose.

Only better.

My suggestion to you is that you take the
time and effort it takes to properly build
a "Marketing Pipeline".

I can assure you that...

the REWARDS are worth it! :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make Money Even When People Tell You NO!

I'm going to give you a lesson today that's potentially
worth tens of thousands of dollars to you over the span
of your Internet / Network Marketing career.

Yes, it's worth that much to you so drop whatever it is
that you're listening too or reading elsewhere and feast
your eyeballs on the next few lines of text.

Even if you're a "NEWBIE" ( we all were at one time )
and regardless of the program…

* One24

* ViSalus

* Xooma

* Xango

* Prosperity Automated Systems

* Veema

* Herbalife

* Shaklee

* Eniva

* Life Force

* Formor

* AmeriPlan

* Pre Paid Legal

* 1 Step System

* Amway & Quixtar

* Whatever…

If you're not offering your prospects and customers
a "BACK-END" offer, you're losing MONEY!

I'm seeing a lot of folks ( especially those in deals where
the start-up is $1000 or more ) with no BACK-END structure
in place and NO Follow-Up system in place.

Can you scream… "That's MADNESS"!


There's this guy I know that's a Phase 1 & 2 Director in XYZ Corp.

You know what he's doing? He's calling $7 "movie leads"
and those that don't buy ( that would be the over-whelming
majority ), he's importing into his programs "automated

Never to be personally contacted again.

That's it.

No back-end.

No opportunities for additional cash-flow.

No relationship building.



If you want to spend your hard earned money buying
"leads" and allowing your programs "automated system"
to follow up, that's fine. It's your business. Literally!

But if you want to turn those "leads" into CASH-FLOW,
then you need to be implementing the idea I'm about to
share with you. And today would not be too soon!

Here's the idea…

Say you're generating 100 leads from your
Facebook PPC campaigns each week.

Out of those 100 real-time, search engine generated
leads, 95 - 96 will NOT join your primary deal.

( I know, I know… the truth hurts! )

This leaves you with 4-5 prospects out of every 100
who MIGHT be potential business partners.

Focus your time on these people.


What do you do with the remaining 95-96 out of
every hundred who tell you NO?

Do you allow them to slip through the cracks?

No way…

They're looking for something to do from home.

That's why they replied to your ad.

But you know that most of them won't join your deal.

And that's OK.


Because you can offer them something that's 100%
generic, that will help them achieve their goals in any
program they choose.

How do you do this?

You keep EVERYONE in your own personal database.

One that you control.

Use an autoresponder like GVO.

It's a simple approach to managing your growing lists.

Then what do you do?

( Here's where the fun starts! )

Once they've rejected your initial offer, you offer them CHOICES.

Like what you ask?

Like other peoples information products.

Or leads.

Or tools they would use to build any program they might join.

Why would I want to do this, you ask?

Because I know for a fact that the over whelming majority
of the people I meet will NOT join me in my primary deal.

So I throw "BACK-ENDS" into the mix.

You can make an extra $50K a year just from people who tell you NO!

What would happen if you forgot about or discarded
the thousands of names in your pipeline who didn't have
an interest in your deal but ended up joining XYZ program?

The answer…

A ) You would have missed out financially.

B ) You would have missed out on creating dozens of
relationships with folks who ended up buying from
someone else because you never asked them to buy
from you.

( You don't want to make these 2 mistakes! )

Ask yourself this question…

How valuable would a pool of prospects and customers
who know, like and trust you be worth to you?



I know that when I have something new of VALUE to share, I'll have maybe
10-20 serious prospects knocking on my door wanting it right off the bat.

It's like having your own personal ATM machine!

All because I treated them like a person and not as a "lead".

( More on that later )


Here's the game-plan for YOU to follow right now.

I will assume that you already have an autoresponder
going and have a few prospects in your pipeline.



Send them an email about YOU.

Better yet…

Create a Who is "YOUR NAME GOES HERE" page.

( )

Complete with pictures and a brief story of who YOU are.

People love that stuff.

I spend hours finding out about the people I work with
more so than the actual program itself.


Once you have that up, share that link with your list.

You'll be amazed at the number of people who will be
checking you out at 3 AM!


After you've established the very important "Know me, Like
me and Trust me" factor, let them know you're involved with
other programs.

The quickest way to do this is by selling other peoples
information products.

This is how you can create extra income streams from
that same list of people who said NO.


Not only are you creating cash-flow, but more importantly,
you're establishing quality contacts / relationships with your
prospect list.


If you haven't picked up on it yet…

Is your biggest ASSET online.


* Keep EVERYONE in your own database.

* Offer your list items of value.

* Establish relationships with those customers.

* Join future deals together.

This is how the game is played.

Now you know how to make money when people say NO!

Leadership = Caring About and Helping Others

A good objective of leadership is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better.

-Jim Rohn

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Really "DO" This Home Business Thing

How To Really "DO" This Home Business Thing

There is SO MUCH confusion online...

There are so many opinions about
"how to DO this business" and it's
all 100% self serving...

People have agendas(they want the money in your pocket).

And they know how to communicate
so that you buy into their agendas...

It's called persuasion.

It's called INFLUENCE.

And if you don't know how to think
for yourself... you get "confused".


Because you don't have your own bank
of knowledge and a base from which to
study and ponder and decide on each
agenda that shows up to your email box...

And it all sounds good...

So you believe EVERYTHING...

This becomes contradicting... and confusing...

And then you don't believe ANYTHING.

So many brand new people get stuck
focusing on stuff that is not really all that important...

And they ignore the truly important
revenue producing actions they should be
performing to move their business forward...

Like what?


Your "setup"
Your aweber...
Your autoresponder
Your hosting
Your "branding"
Your "seo"
Your lead capture domain
Your article sumissions
Your study of google's "algorithm"
Your study of your list of10 "gurus"

All that stuff
Won't get your business growing.


What's important is this...


Think about it...

It's why you and I are here...

You saw some piece of info that led you to my site, right?

You accepted the offer on my capture page...

You opted in...

You receive training tips and call invites
from my emails and I ask you to do two things:

1. Call or email me with any questions...

2. Join me on my team and let's rock and roll.

I keep things really simple.

The websites or "sales pages" I invite you
to are only there to present the details for
you 24/7 365 days out of the year.

They are there to inform you of the
nuts and bolts and give you an idea
of what is being offered... comp plans...etc.

As you've seen, those are only a PIECE
of our entire business. A small tool that
does its job.

Some people get led to believe, in error,
that one single solitary presentation page
is supposed to be THE THING that builds
you riches... that mindset is leading you the
wrong way...


There are many so-called "automated"
systems out there that say exactly that...

But if they actually DID work like that,
then why are so many people failing to
profit with THEM?

Everyone would be rich, right?

Yet 97% don't get results.

And there is ALWAYS (in all programs)
a 3% crowd that MAKES it work and
gets BIG TIME results...

So it MUST be more than that...

Some people have figured out that
it's the whole environment...

In our systems you receive eBooks that
prospects can print out and take to work...
or to starbucks and embed themselves in
our message and teaching...

They get physical books sent to them,
along with audio CDs and booklets that
let them see information in different angles,
shades and sounds... direct to their front door step...

Another piece of a whole...

Another tool doing its job...

NOT the end of the rainbow...

NOT the riches all by itself...

But a piece that is unique and makes
my site visitors ponder...

"What if... I was sending people to this myself??"

What if...

This is pretty cool!

I'm starting to get it...

These people are for REAL about delivering value...

And so on... the imagination begins to
take ownership of the process and system...

Your guest begins to OWN IT and "CLOSE" THEMSELVES...

Then they get invited to join us
on our own mastermind calls...

They hear our members chatting it up
before the lecture... having fun... laughing...
joking... sharing stories... all live and before
the "training" or "overview"...

It's not just a hype fest selling you money...

It's a MasterMIND environment and the
people are from all over the place and they
sound positive and like-minded...

Your guest compares this environment
with where they just spend 9-10 hours
at some cubicle... enough said...

Then emails invite you to a Blog
where you can download freebie audios,
videos and eBOOKS that teach
you something 90%, and invite you back 10%.

Info on sites
Bank of 800# recordings

And finally this is where everything is driving you:

1. I'm here to help you. Call me.

2. You can trust us. Call me.

3. We'd like to show you how we work. Call me.

4. This is fun. It's from home. It's simple. Call me.

5. We're a bunch of normal folks like you and
we've figure something out that works. Call me.

It's about two things and two things only:

1. Build Your List.

Attract like minded people who basically already
agree with the overall industry... and build your list.

Show them an environment that will allow them
to warm up to you enough so that you can do the

Build a RELATIONSHIP of TRUST with them.

And ask them to call you.

Take the human element out????

Why the hell would you do that???



That is a big fat lie, told to the masses in which
70% are just quickie money moochers looking
for the next big pie in the sky slot machine.




Having said that... and being human myself...

There are some things I know that
I SCREW UP IN... specially when
I was NEW to all this...




I learned that in the beginning, a nice amount
of leveraged communication and information tools
helped me to NOT SCREW THIS UP and allowed
me to get people to the point where they like our
stuff and wanted to chat about it...

This is where good lead capture pages helped me...

This is where good sales/information pages helped me...

I couldn't give a presentation to save my life...

But I KNEW I liked helping people make money from home.

So I'd invite my guests to my page that
did the detail nuts and bolts explaining
and I always asked them in follow up
to call me if they had questions.

I then simply listened...

Why are you here in this industry?

What is it that you're really trying to learn or do?


How much of this stuff have you done before?

How big of a list have you built?

Why not?

Which program are you in or building now?

What do love the most about it?

What's got you frustrated?

What do you think I can help you with?

And listen...
Take notes...
LOTS of notes...

You can never know too much about
your guests... show them you care by
LEARNING and LISTENING about them...

Then invite them to review some information...

Join me on our next call...
Review this audio...
Watch this video...

And let's hook up in a couple days and go over it...

When you're ready... you're ready...

No rush...

Hang out with us first...


No bashing people
No bashing companies
No bashing methods

Because if you lean too much on that...

Guess what type of mindset you get
your guest into???


You'll bring up all those feelings
about how they have been HURT before...

And it doesn't matter what you do...

YOU become a potential additional
"HURT" source...

That is why those UNknowing "marketers"
out there leading with negative phrases
NEVER produce results... they set themselves
to have to do the impossible...

They close their prospects up.

That's why we focus on INCREASE.
INSPRIATION beats Perspiration...

Why not work "smart"

And market INTO people's DNA on
the positive side...



And in the beginning...

Having support, leverage and automated
tools to help you get off to a good start...

Don't let people influence you into thinking
that it MUST be ONE WAY... the "HARDEST"
way only...

You CAN use some leverage as you
build your own relationship building skills...

Self confidence
Self image
Providing MORE than paid for.
Pleasing personality
Impression of INCREASE
Making people feel BETTER by being around you.
What you give away you always get to keep...

If you want more GET value you give away more GIVE value...

It's a process. It's simple. But only to those
that learn it as an entire process. A philosophy...

Bottom line.

When you build a list.

And when you do anything and
everything to build RELATIONSHIPS
with the people on your list and they get
to the point where they WANT to work
with YOU ---- Nothing else will matter.

The program won't matter.
The price point won't matter.
The sign up process won't matter.
How sexy your blog is won't matter.


Because now you're friends.

Notice how all the online "goo-roos"
mainly tell you to RUN AWAY from
your "warm market" and do all the cold stuff???


The ONLY reason I do the "cold" stuff online
and offline... is to...



You find strangers who may be like minded...

You turn strangers into friends...

You build your warm market with these
new friends... and THOSE warm market
buddies join you in your crusade and your cause.

That IS "the system."

Do you learn all this in a couple emails???

It's a process!

If you're ready to actually put it to work
and to get deeper training and mentorship...

Go here:

You get to LEARN and EARN all the while doing it!!


If this long ass post interests you in
further study and learning... about this...

If you see value here...

Then this is what you do to prepare
yourself for an awesome experience:

Reveiw this site:

This is the lab.
This is a working system we'll study.
We'll break down every piece.

Do with this info what ever you want.

Build your existing program.
Start your own.

Get inspired.

This is fun stuff!

This helps people grow.

You'll be empowered to think for yourself
and help deal with all the conflicting info
you get daily about the "right" and "wrong"
way to do things "out there."


And of course...


With any questions...

Hey man listen... YOU are SO POWERFUL
that it gets me all fired up just thinking what
you can really do if I only do a decent job
at showing you how much FIRE POWER
you have already inside you...

with just a little help from friends... ;)

Hope this helps you...

Have a great day...

because you absolutely deserve it...