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Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Eric Worre Inverviews Economist Harry S Dent About Network Marketing

World Re-Known Economist Harry S Dent Interviewed by Eric Worre on the Future of Network Marketing and the Economy

Eric Worre recently interviewed Harry Dent for the upcoming Network Marketing documentary. When they were finished, he agreed to do a quick show for the Network Marketing Pro community.

This one is a REALLY important interview for the Network Marketing community.

Make sure to watch it all the way through and to share with your team.

I especially liked the fact that a Network Marketing Profession leader like Eric Worre can sit down and have a conversation with a world re-known economist like Harry S Dent and not have to waste time explaining what network marketing is or why it’s legitimate.

Powerful interview for network marketers to share.

Also, please comment below on the most valuable insights you received from watching.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

NEW RELEASE Simple Freedom Marketing System

Really proud of releasing the Simple Freedom Marketing System!

Our main intention with this system was to make it as simple as possible for new people to start and build their own online business inside a really cool, and very powerful opportunity… backed by our commitment to high quality training and education and mentorship.

Yeah, it’s FREE!

The best way to see “what it is” is to actually create a free account and then plug into our training.

The fast and easy setup and fast start training really educates you on both the power and the simplicity of the system itself.

Our training shows you exactly how to use simple, easy social mini posts on facebook and other social sites you’re probably already using so that you generate daily leads and sales for your business.

We also teach you how to generate traffic to any website with complete automation inside our private traffic advertising coop system.

So whether you’re interested in learning how to generate free leads daily, or you want to learn how to properly advertise for quality traffic on facebook, or you just want to leverage your time and have us drive quality traffic to your site… your free account at the Simple Freedom Marketing System and Training Center is your smartest next move.

Go ahead and click the picture below to create your free account now and I’ll see you inside.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How To Use A "Marketing Pipeline" To Make BIG Money in Network Marketing

Everyday I hear the same story... 

"I was in Program "X" but didn't do well
with it because I didn't know how to get
enough prospects/visitors to view my offer".

Lets face a reality check here...

You and I both know that even if you have
the greatest program on the planet, if no
one knows about it, you're DONE!

You have to have a never ending supply of fresh
prospects flowing through your "Marketing Pipeline"
at ALL times.

What's a "Marketing Pipeline"?

I'm glad you asked. Here's an analogy...

Picture an empty water hose.

In order for water to start flowing through that hose
you have to connect it to a source right?

A faucet somewhere.

Once it's connected, you turn the water on.

Does water start to flow out the other end


It takes time to BUILD UP as it travels
through the turns and coils of the hose.

Then it starts to flow.



Until the source runs dry right?

Or you turn off the source manually as you
would in turning off the faucet.

Anytime you needed water, you turn on the hose.

("Wait a minute! I'm a smart person. What does
turning on a hose have to do with putting CASH
into my pocket"?)



Take the analogy I painted for you above and
apply it to your marketing campaign.

(You're going to love this!)

What's your main prospecting source?

Is it a classified ad in a newspaper?

Is it an e-mail campaign?

Is it pay-per-clicks?

Is it blogging?

Is it Facebook?

Is it Craigslist

Is it Postcards?

Doesn't matter what it is.

Take your "Marketing Pipeline"(the hose)and
attach to your "Source" (the faucet).

(You can even have multiple sources
with multiple hoses attached to them!)

Once it's connected, turn it on.

You remember what I said earlier?

That it takes time for the water to
BUILD UP right, before it comes out
the other end?

Same principle applies in
your "Marketing Pipeline".

It takes time for your prospects to "BUILD UP".

To get to know you, like you and trust you.

Prospects are NOT going to coming running
to your door the same second they respond.


It takes time.

Time to BUILD UP.

The whole time they're in your "Marketing
Pipeline", you're sharing with them ideas,
strategies, techniques, etc....on how to
Be, Do & Have More.

You're helping them get what they want by
sharing your knowledge and experiences.

You're not pitching them on your "deal".

You're setting yourself up to be the leader
they're looking for.

The whole time they're in your "Marketing
Pipeline", it's YOU they see.

They begin to know you, like you and trust you.

And if your "Marketing Pipeline" has been built
properly, you'll have prospects flowing out the
other end, ready and eager to join you in your

Creating a non-stop flood of CASH for you and
your family!

Like the water out of a hose.

Only better.

My suggestion to you is that you take the
time and effort it takes to properly build
a "Marketing Pipeline".

I can assure you that...

the REWARDS are worth it! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When I meet new entrepreneurs, the question they often ask me is how do I get results... they say "I am sick of failing"!

If your business is failing you should know that you are a few minor tweaks away from creating a revenue generating machine!

The hardest thing you must deal with as an entrepreneur is yourself. Most entrepreneurs will go through tough times. You may hear and feel criticism from others but the second you doubt yourself and let the word quit sink into your mind you are lost for ever.

So what can you do to flip a failing business and turn it into a profitable one? The answer is actually pretty simple. You just need to make a choice.

You must make a choice that you will do the things that successful business owners do?

People say successful businesses must be strong from the bottom up. I believe the exact opposite. The top creates the bottom and if the top is not doing the things a successful business needs to do then the bottom will fail too.

So if your business is failing you have to go back and look at the choices you are making. Are you doing what the most successful person that you know in your niche is doing everyday.

In fact are you doing more than them on a daily basis. The beauty of all this is, all you have to do is simply make a choice to do those things and like magic your life and business will change!

The question is how do you do that? How do you make a choice that usually involves you changing behaviors that you have become accustom to doing over long periods of time.

Below are 5 Tips to help you make a choice and stick to it!

1. You must identify your bad habits and write them down. When you acknowledge your mistakes as your own you can change them.

 2. See your situation for what it, not more, not less. No matter what your situation is, it is not the end of the world. You are still alive and breathing. That means you can change it!

3. Identify your problem as reality without excuses. You must blame yourself for any situation you are in! This removes any excuse you may have had about your business and positions you to make tough changes.

 4. Visualize where you want to be and take actions to go there. Only a strong vision can get you out of a bad situation. When you vision is strong your actions will follow.

5. Find a mentor or mentors who push you! This speaks for itself!

The power of choice is so important and the second you realize that our choices determine our past, present and future, your life and business will change forever!

 Hope this helps you,


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Monday, March 3, 2014

Ten Traits of The Top Network Marketing Leaders

What is the difference between leaders that are great and other leaders? This is an area that has been studied by many writers like John Kotter in The General Managers, Warren Bennis in On Becoming a Leader, and Burt Nanus in Visionary Leadership. But after consulting with dozens of CEO’s and executives in fortune 500 companies, here are the ten traits that we have seen most often with great leaders.

Legendary leaders:

  • Seek significance (people) rather than success (money). Great leaders are focused on people; their families, employees, and customers. They evaluate each initiative, plan and decision as to the impact on these key stakeholders. People are consistently put first at work and at home.

  • Serve a purpose rather than achieve results. In a corporate world where quarterly results and profits are the barometer of success, effective leaders resist the pressure for immediate gratification and focus on long term purpose. They evaluate new product and services based on the needs in the marketplace and how they can improve the lives of the users.

  • Focus on “what can I give?” rather than “what can I get?” Great leaders follow a philosophy of abundance. They know that the more they give, the more that returns. Instead of fighting to get a bigger piece of the pie, they work to make the pie larger.

  • Do the right thing regardless of the outcome. Legendary leaders listen to their guts and follow a moral compass. With a high value on creativity and intuition, great leaders take time each day for reflection and meditation. They know that creativity does not take place in a cluttered mind.

  • Expect in advance for things to go wrong. Problems are not only anticipated they are sought out by great leaders. They know that every computer conversion, new product launch and corporate initiative will result in glitches. They openly communicate this to staff so all are comfortable with change and, at times, ambiguity.

  • Redefine failure for learning. When things do go wrong, effective leaders view these times as opportunities for learning. They analyze and evaluate what could be improved, re-designed, or scrapped. They actively encourage those around them to also participate in a “learning” process and recognize that experimenting is essential for knowledge.

  • Resist “urgency addiction.” The bane of multi-taskers, great leaders resist the addictive tendency to run around putting out brush fires rather than staying focused on what’s important. They avoid the caffeinated tyranny of the urgent to follow through and complete what is truly significant. They guide others in the organization to resist the “hop-scotching” that decreases productivity.

  • Stay focused on vision. Like a rudder for a ship, vision guides effective leaders each day, week, and month. They communicate the vision for the organization frequently so all employees understand and can implement what is important. They have employees and customers participate in the vision and direction of where the organization is going to increase loyalty and commitment.

  • Do not take rejection personally. Great leaders don’t spend time keeping score or worrying about their popularity. They know that the key to success is the recognition that they will never please everyone. With careful consideration they listen to feedback, especially unpopular opinions. They know that this may offer some of the most valuable insights.

  • Keep a sense of humor. A healthy funny bone allows the great leader to maintain balance, reduce stress and enjoy each day. They communicate the humor to their team and employees which set a positive tone in the organization. The legendary leader knows that happy employees provide effective customer service, are likely to stay long-term, and recruit other positive employees to join the team.

  • Thank you Barbara Bartlein (Barb is... The People Pro)! Barbara provides executive coaching, teambuilding, and leadership development to Fortune 500 companies. She can be reached at

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    I hope this helps you... Make it a great day!

    Dean Prochnow

    5 Marketing Truths That The Big Lead Brokers Don't Want You To Know About

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    Marketing Truth #2
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    they're really worth.

    Marketing Truth #3
    Until you create and implement a rigorous follow-up campaign
    ( via autoresponder and phone calls ), with each and
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    dollars to people like myself, who do follow-up.

    Marketing Truth #4
    In order for you to become truly independent, you must secure
    full control of your most important asset, your leads. This means
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    Marketing Truth #5
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